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2020 | participatory installation with double projection

↗ Blaue Nacht Risiko, Parkhaus Sterntor, Nürnberg, in collaboration with Gidon Ernst

Evaporation beschreibt den Übergang einer Flüssigkeit in einen gasförmigen Zustand. Die Oberfläche bildet eine Membran zwischen den unterschiedlichen Erscheinungsformen. Wir stellen eine Information online und die Daten verflüchtigen sich wie verdampfendes Wasser. Doch auch wenn der Wasserdampf kaum sichtbar ist, bleibt die Substanz erhalten und schlägt sich an einem anderen Ort nieder.


2016 | Vertex, permanent light installation of luminous stones on the stairway along the historic city wall in Herrenberg. Light art festival “ascents“ cultural region Stuttgart Germany, in collaboration with Katharina Heubner and Susan Helen Miller, photography: Martina Kändler, Rolf Schwarz

“Calculations of human perception have shown that if the human eye were a digital camera, it would have a resolution of 576 megapixels. Artists Katharina Heubner, Martina Kändler and Susan Helen Miller have used this figure as a basis for their installation “Vertex“. They have taken the lights of Herrenberg as seen from its historic city wall and turned them into an installation involving 576 analogue pixels. Luminous cobblestones have been set into the path that leads up to the castle ruins. The sun’s rays charge the stones during the day so that they glow when darkness falls. The layout of the stones mirrors the lights of the town below.

Outside Herrenberg’s city walls, which were erected when the town was founded around 1200, a cobbled, stepped path zigs-zags its way up alongside the fortifications to the Schlossberg. A sculpture trail also runs up onto the Schlossberg from the old town. 25 sculptures by contemporary artists commemorate the painter Jerg Ratgeb, who was elected chancellor during the German Peasants‘ War, and visitors can also follow a special trail around Herrenberg with 23 stops to learn about the history of its half-timbered buildings.“ (↗ Kulturregion Stuttgart)


2016 | Plateau, laser installation on the old castle, Herrenberg.
Light art festival “ascents“ cultural region Stuttgart Germany, in collaboration with Katharina Heubner and Susan Helen Miller

light cube

2015 | light cube, laser installation
Blaue Nacht Nürnberg (art competition within the long night of museums in Nuremberg), in collaboration with Katharina Heubner and Susan Helen Miller, photography: Uwe Niklas, Binghong Hsiao

in between spaces

2013 | in between spaces, laser installation
Blaue Nacht Nürnberg (art competition within the long night of museums in Nuremberg), in collaboration with Katharina Heubner and Susan Helen Miller, photography: Marianne Vordermayr

silent spectacle

2019 | silent spectacle, installation with kinetic objects

“When the real world is transformed into mere images, mere images become real beings — dynamic figments that provide the direct motivations for a hypnotic behavior.“ Guy Debord

The installation reflects on communication in society and among individuals, where digital screens mediated by digital technology convey and transfer the information. Staying on the surface may lead to denying the complexities underneath.

lumino 1/9

2016 | lumino 1/9, installation with nine kinetic objects and one video

Small luminous, moving objects confined in boxes with peek holes create their own curious reality unfamiliar to the spectator. These physical objects are designed to be explored through interaction and can be perceived not only visually but also by the delicate noises of their mechanics.


2014 | Agonist, video installation | exhibition series “NimmZwei“ (take two), gallery Ecke Augsburg, collaboration with Susan Helen Miller

In den Videos sind Menschen unterschiedlicher Nationalitäten beim Ausführen einer Geste der Gebärdensprache zu sehen.

Sie zeigen das Wort „missverstehen“ in den Sprachen deutsch, österreichisch, amerikanisches/indisches englisch, britisches englisch, estnisch, spanisch, isländisch, italienisch, türkisch, russisch, portugiesisch, schwedisch, rumänisch, lettisch, tschechisch und polnisch.

light box

2014 | light box, installation with 13 kinetic light objects, “himmelwärts“ Karthause Aggsbach

Small luminous, moving objects confined in boxes with peek holes create their own curious reality unfamiliar to the spectator. These physical objects are designed to be explored through interaction and can be perceived not only visually but also by the delicate noises of their mechanics.

out of the blue

since 2012 | out of the blue / Aus heiterem Himmel, stop motion installation to study the color of the sky

For this long term project the sky is photographed from the beginning of the twilight to the nightfall in different countries every day for the duration of one month. The data and location are documented.

This investigation will be continued and extended in other landscapes with different latitudes. So far the sky in Munich, Tokyo and Kristinestad in Finland has been under surveillance, with Finland during midsummer being the strongest contrast to central Europe and Japan. The most recent photographs have been taken in Australia.

The camera is always positioned in the same angle, facing almost straight up, in order to avoid the warm colors of sunset and to focus on the different hues of blue above. In the installation the photographs are projected onto a large wall surface so that the process of diminishing light can be experienced again and again in just a few seconds.

Basis ><1

2016 | Basis ><1, light installation, Dom Norymbersky, Krakow

Die Exponentialfunktion beschreibt Wachstums- oder Verfallsprozesse. Über die Richtung der Entwicklung entscheidet die Basis.

“Die Art des Wissens, die nur von Beobachtungen gestützt wird und noch nicht bewiesen ist, muss sorgfältig von der Wahrheit unterschieden werden; sie wird, wie wir gewöhnlich sagen, durch Induktion gewonnen. Doch haben wir Fälle gesehen, in denen bloße Induktion zum Irrtum geführt hat. Darum sollten wir große Sorgfalt darauf verwenden, nicht solche Zahleneigenschaften, die wir durch Beobachtung entdeckt haben, und die allein durch die Induktion gestützt werden, als wahr zu akzeptieren.“ Leonhard Euler


2020 | pinnacles, performance offshore in the Baltic Sea

The performance shows the futile attempt to prevent the icebergs from sinking into the sea.

Dynamisches Objekt

2020 | Dynamisches Objekt, performance, collaboration with Joanna Maxellon and Anna Steward

↗ Neues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop, august 12, 2020, 19:00

Martina Kändler, Joanna Maxellon und Anna Steward gründeten ihre Künstlergruppe 2018 in Tokyo. Aus Japan brachten sie ihre Faszination für minimalistische Raumerfahrungen mit. Beobachtungen der Bedeutung des Bühnenraumes im traditionellen japanischen Theater oder die generelle Veränderung der Organisation architektonischer Volumina und der darin platzierten Objekte lässt sie nach neuen Formen der Repräsentation von Kunst im Ausstellungsraum suchen. In ihrem Video- und Performanceprojekt Organisation des perfekten Raumes fragen sie beispielsweise, ab welchem Punkt der Raum zum Gegenstand oder zu einem souveränen Kunstwerk werden kann. Die Bedeutung der Leere zwischen den verwendeten Objekten spielt dabei ebenso eine Rolle wie der Versuch, skulpturale, filmische und performative Mittel zu verbinden und in Beziehung zu setzen als gleichsam räumliche und philosophische Kategorie.

Chladnis Tricks (⬇ Download)

2014 | Chladnis Tricks, Android App with animations and sound recognition, collaboration with Gidon Ernst

The app instructs the user to record two noises/sounds from the environment. These are analyzed and prompt an animated visualization of a combination of two objects that corresponds to these sounds. The playful interaction with the app sensibilizes our perception of our surroundings, and lets us experiment with our voice, things, and instruments. Contrasting recordings lead to unexpected associations.

Die App leitet den Benutzer an jeweils zwei Geräusche aus der Umgebung aufzunehmen. Diese werden analysiert und führen zur Darstellung einer den Sounds entsprechenden Kombination von Gegenständen, bzw. deren animierter Darstellung. Der spielerische Umgang mit der App führt zu einer sensibilisierten Wahrnehmung der Geräusche im täglichen aber auch nicht alltäglichen Umfeld, sowie zur eigenen Sound-produktion durch Stimme, Gegenstände und Instrumente. Unterschiedliche Geräusche können bewusst kombiniert werden und führen zu unerwarteten Assoziationen.

hide and seek

2014 | hide and seek, video loop

For the video “hide and seek“, dogs with blinking collars and brightly lit toys frolicking around in a meadow at night were recorded. The colorful traces visible in the dark make the movements of the dogs and the game visible, the size and speed of the objects locate them in space.


2020 | photography, pigmentprint on aludibond

Zwischen Ideal und Realität entstehen immer neue Diskrepanzen. Die Arbeit “intermediate“ reflektiert das sich ständig verändernde Raumgefüge der Möglichkeiten.


2017 | photography, pigmentprint on aludibond, 43x65cm


2014 | photography, pigmentprint behind acrylic glass, 20x30cm

In the series “unidentified“ the impression of a spacial object is generated solely through animated projections that were photographically captured. The prints are presented in small format and behind acrylic glass to repeat the principle of object orientation and to support the spatial illusion.

grey space

2017 | photography, pigmentprint on aludibond, 43x65cm

The series “grey space“ focuses on the illusion of architectural space as imaginable in cities with dark corners and hidden spaces. The view is narrowed onto dark and diffuse zones. Using a white LED to illuminate the paper model changed the color and the temperature to a cooler appearance in comparison to the series Modell/Licht/Raum. The view is narrowed on zones characterized by darkness, twilight and diffuse. The six photographs illuminate different directions without breaking the restricted view. The arrangement is reminiscent of a display of monitoring monitors, but the enlarged format reveals its photographic nature.


2014 | photography, pigmentprint on aludibond, 60x90cm

This series of photographs explores small paper models in different light-dark constellations as a means to simulate architecture. Space itself is created by the illumination, whereas an intentional unsharp and vague focus provokes the illusion of large scale. The effect is enforced by magnifying the print in comparison to the model. The spectator is challenged by a scene that is both seemingly accessible but stays distant and intangible.

walk in the park

2019 | walk in the park, photography, pigmentprint behind acryllic

Auf die abschirmende Wand vor einer Baustelle wurde ein Rasen als Fototapete angebracht. Die Personen bewegen sich in der Stadt vor dem auf ein sich wiederholendes Muster reduziertes Rasenstück wie vor einem Green Screen. Der Hintergrund bleibt ein Substitut. Das virtuelle Naturerlebnis wird in den Stadtraum geklebt.


2017-2019 | Immobilien, photography

The photographic series “Immobilien“ is a long term observation of permanent campers in different countries. The series reveals the dichotomy in the german term “Dauercampen“. The temporary transitory accomodation in nature is replaced by a permanent habitation. This is likewise reflected in the title “Immobilien“, the german expression for real estate and also the opposite of mobility. Instead of traditional building material, however, you can find many layers of plastic planes thrown over different metal constructions, referring to the tradition of tents but not even trying to feign mobility. Every object has its correct position.

Skybox Dreaming

2019 | Skybox Dreaming, interactive video installation, Bed, projection, sensor, custom software. Kreativquartier München.
Cooperation with Michael Kaesdorf, Paolo Holinski, Tatiana Kocharava, Isabel Paehr, Agustín Ramos Anzorena.

Lay down and enjoy the various shapes of the clouds: faces, trees, animals, glitches, chunks, the borders of a skybox.

the blue) was a clear indicator of the state of the game. We were getting all the way to the point where we were all ready for the next round. That's when we started seeing more games go into overtime. What was the first time you saw that?


2018 | topology, video installation

With the means of projection the experience of space is altered, the architecture virtually extended. The view into an intangible and perpetually changing illusionistic volume opens up. The conventional perception of built structures is inverted. In the installation the spectator remains immobile whereas the virtual walls and voids produced by the projection undergo a constant transformation.

2018 | topology, photography, pigmentprint on acrylic

The video installation is complemented by a series of photographs reflecting the theme of transition between different architectural volumes. The aspects of elaboration originate in a residency in Japan. In the Buddhist temples the sacred hall with gold plated statues is often left in the dark with a few rays of sunlight as the only light source. These are reflected by the golden sculptures and form a slight shimmer in the darkness. Following this idea real gold leaf was applied onto the paper models, introducing a new color, using reflection and the mirroring of light and surfaces. Darkness is deployed purposefully as a space generating matter. It introduces a form of curiosity for the secretive and reflects the topic “topology”, the movement in between two points in space, the state of transition that implies facing the uncharted.


2017 | Obstkorb, plastic packaging, 24k gold leaf


2017 | Siebensachen, plastic bag, 24k gold leaf, 70x80x25cm

Precious metals are chemically resistant, imperishable and praised valuable. In art they became a symbol for the supernatural, the divine, and the light itself. I experimented with real gold in form of leafs plated on plastic objects.

One of these objects is the checkered plastic bag, an icon for storage of belongings and also a cheap container for luggage, a mass product that is part of our everyday’s world. In the new mass migration the bag has become a symbol of moving with very few belongings, of being on the go, of hope to get to a place better than the one left behind. The luggage carries the memories of the past and the kit to face an uncertain future in a new surrounding. Thus the inexpensive bag contains a person’s everything. In “Siebensachen“ this metaphoric value is symbolized by the precious metal on the outside.

The title refers to the german proverb seven/important belongings to pack when preparing for a journey. There is also a saying “Pack deine Siebensachen“ which can be roughly translated with “get your things and leave“ or even “get lost“.

Martina Kändler


diploma of arts, Academy of fine arts Nuremberg

“Meisterschülerin“, Prof. Eva von Platen

master of arts in art education, art history, and psychology, University of Augsburg

lives and works in Munich

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