out of the blue / Aus heiterem Himmel
stop motion installation to study the color of the sky

For this long term project the sky is photographed from the beginning of the twilight to the nightfall in different countries every day for the duration of one month. The data and location are documented.

This investigation will be continued and extended in other landscapes with different latitudes.

So far the sky in Munich, Tokyo and Kristinestad in Finland has been under surveillance, with Finland during midsummer being the strongest contrast to central Europe and Japan.

At the moment the focus is on Australia and New Zealand.


The camera is always positioned in the same angle, facing almost straight up, in order to avoid the warm colors of sunset and to focus on the different hues of blue above.

In the installation the photographs are projected onto a large wall surface so that the process of diminishing light can be experienced again and again in just a few seconds.